Who will lead your life in 2016: You or the Fear?

We all know inside our heart what needs to be done. It’s a subtle force that’s pulling us in a new direction. And then there’s the familiar zone. The Zone. Our endless thoughts. Our fears. Our limitations. Our blah blah blah blah. The 10 million reasons why we don’t do what we want with all our heart to do. So we compromise for one more year. We make a pact with the devil. We play small. We bury our dreams. We forget our passions. We cage our soul. We break our own heart.

And everything goes on and on in the same direction for one day, one month and one more year. Same repetitive and soulless actions, same results, same old long days. The destiny seems cruel and uneven. Life gets boring and hard.

If I only was … .

Complete that sentence for yourself. If I only was: younger, thinner, taller, smarter, American, confident, blonde, skilled, talented, etc. It’s the same old garbage Fear got you to believe. In the end, you don’t need anything to do what you feel in your own heart like doing.

– Maybe you’re right, but I’m still afraid. If I only was fearful enough. It seems that this is one of the latest tricks fear plays on you. When you overcome everything, there’s still the last card, the joker, the final resort. I’m afraid. I can’t act. I need to escape the fear first.

When you try to escape fear, to overcome it, to crush it – you’re still in its grip. It controls your mind and your reactions. You believe that you need to feel totally confident to act. And that’s a lie.

Here’s one of life greatest’s secrets: you can be afraid and still act. You don’t need confidence to act. In fact, you don’t need anything. You just need to act. That’s your decision, that’s your responsibility: to act or not to act. Maybe the fear will be there all the time. You still want to give it 10, 30 or 50 more years of your life? Here’s another secret: fear feeds itself with your inaction, with your doubts. As long as you don’t act, you allow it to be your master. You perpetuate it.

When you decide to act it will loose your grip on you. Maybe it won’t vanish overnight. But you’ll get enough space to act again and again. To act again and again. To become stronger and better. To ignore it. Until you reach a point where you’ll find yourself laughing at your fears.

You don’t need anything to act now. You just need to take the decision and do it. Fear is not the enemy. It’s not an obstacle. It can’t stop You. Only You can stop You. If you choose to believe those stupid lies.

You’re not a kid anymore. You’ve been given a great gift. A whole new year. Your year. It’s not your company’s year. It’s not your bank’s year. It’s not your neighbour’s year. It’s not your family’s year. It’s your year. Your life. Your decision.

So what are you going to do with 2016? Who will lead your life?

You or the Fear?

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