What’s the right way to be successful in life?

Superstars. Athletes, singers, writers, gurus, philosophers, starlets, movie actors, billionaires.

We envy their careers, achievements, and lifestyle. Why not? The media praise them. Everybody looks at them with respect. They seem to have everything.

Most of us don’t have a direction in our lives.  You don’t know what you want to do when you’re 10 or 15. Or you know and you do it. But ten years you may need to start from scratch.

So we search for models. Somewhere inside us, that five years old child looks up in admiration to others. You think: they are happy. They know the answers. They know how to do it. I want to be like them.

You also have your parents, your teachers, your first boss. They all know a story about how you should live your life. They tell you what works.

As you grow up, you start to learn about life and success. You watch movies, read books, listen to people who’ve “done it”.

You decide to follow a recipe. You struggle. Put in the hours. You get results. But the results fluctuate. You struggle again. And the world seems to reject you. You don’t find your place. How did Donald Trump got results with this strategy? You don’t understand. So you try to follow the Steve Jobs way.

The funny thing is that Donald Trump didn’t search for a life strategy. He crafted one that suited him. And now he’s telling you to do the opposite. If you do like Donald Trump says you’re not doing it like Donald Trump does. He doesn’t follow others. 

The thing is that successful people don’t change the world. They just do their thing, better and better. And in the end, the world changes around them. They don’t adapt to fit in the world. The world adapts to fit them. Strange, huh?

Take musicians for examples. A lot of successful musicians came out with a style that took everyone by surprise. The major bands, critics and journalist laughed. It’s just a stupid kid with weird ideas. And somehow that stupid kid manage to change the order of things. He brought a new era. This happens all the time. Because world changes all the time.

Just embark in a time machine, go back four hundred years ago and tell them about your lifestyle. How many of them will believe that it’s possible. How many of them will consider you sane?

Successful people carve their path. They allow themselves to act as they are. They are authentic. They define what success means to them.

Then why the hell do we need role models? Because it’s hard to believe you’re right and everybody else is wrong. Especially when you’re five years old. Because in school we learn about other “great men” not about ourselves. Because kids are rarely encouraged to follow their gut and talents. Because our analitical minds search for a fixed formula when there’s none. And so on.

So what’s the right way to have success? What are the four pillars or 27 ultimate steps to success? F*ck the pillars and f*ck the steps. Just ask yourself this question: WHAT IS MY WAY? How do I express myself?

Here is something you rarely hear. There are 128.349 ways to do anything. The world still needs to discover the 100.000 ways. One of them is the best way for you. Every life is unique. No one on this planet knows what’s right for you. Except yourself.

You don’t get a manual for your life when you’re born. You don’t know what you should do five years from now. What career to pursue. What city to live. What guy or girl to date. What car to buy.

Thank God! Would you be interested in a life planned to the smallest details? So I’m here all alone? Yes and no. You have your intuition, your gut feeling. Your heart. In every moment, you have a guiding system. When you learn to pay attention it always works.

The challenge appears when mind gets in the way:

– “You earn 100K a year in your corporate job”.
– “You want to leave to work on a “crazy idea”?
– “Musicians don’t earn money”. (John Lennon was told that by his aunt who raised him)
– “Programming is the future”.
– “It will never work”.
– “You’re stupid”?
– “You’re not Lennon. You’ll die lonely and poor”.

The battle between the mind and the heart is the toughest on this earth. It rips you apart. It paralyzes you. It seems impossible to know the answer. Still, if you look at your choices, you’ll discover something crazy. What happens when you follow the “easy and safe” route?

Life gets hard. Routine is hard. Doing something you hate is hard. Copying others is hard. Following unnatural habits is hard.

When you do what’s natural for you life gets easy. Even we you go through hard times. What if I work for a corporation? Then start small. You don’t have procedures for anything. You can add your personality and talents to the table. You can allow others to do the same.

Start to follow the best role model: your intuition. Your feeling. Little by little, step by step. Forget about books, gurus, mentors and searching answers in other places.

If you need a solution just go for a walk in nature. Or do something that relaxes you. Connect to your intuition. Listen to it in silence.

You still didn’t tell me how I find my way?

You know your way. You’re just too scared to do it. It seems too easy, too hard, too impossible, too whatever.

Just do it. Your way.

P.S.: If you’re not ready yet, listen to the midget below. He knows what’s right.



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