Who will lead your life in 2016: You or the Fear?


We all know inside our heart what needs to be done. It’s a subtle force that’s pulling us in a new direction. And then there’s the familiar zone. The Zone. Our endless thoughts. Our fears. Our limitations. Our blah blah blah blah. The 10 million reasons why we don’t do what we want with all our heart to do. So we compromise for one more year. We make a pact with the devil. We play small. We bury our dreams. We forget our passions. We cage our soul. We break our own heart.

And everything goes on and on in the same direction for one day, one month and one more year. Same repetitive and soulless actions, same results, same old long days. The destiny seems cruel and uneven. Life gets boring and hard.

If I only was … .

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What’s the real motivation behind what you do?


Most of my life I felt the urge to do things. So I did. A lot of them. Talks, extreme skating, trips, associations, relationships, projects, businesses, radio shows, public speaking, events, conferences, gatherings, meetings, blogs, writing, starting a book, again projects, etc. And this went on and on until something happened. An unexpected event. An event that manifested both on exterior world and inside me at the same time. I realized that a lot of things that I did brought me and others a lot of unhappiness.

So I stopped for a moment.

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