The unusual life of Zoey, the monkey who was born in the Zoo


Once upon a time, there was a little monkey called Zoey. She was born at the zoo where her mother, father and brothers lived. They were a normal family, doing stuff together inside their cage, eating their bananas and getting their tongue out at the visitors. The father knew a few tricks. He learned from an old chimp that if he can the visitors smile he will get special treats like biscuits and candies.

At first, it was fun. He enjoyed it and he got to ate a lot of sweets. But with time he grew tired of it and become bored and dull. It seemed meaningless anyway. He still did it mechanically, from time to time. The visitors were somehow pleased but the treats became less and less frequent.

One day he decided that it’s time to give Zoey an education. He was sure that she’s going to follow the family tradition and became a caged monkey. After the family dinner he asked her:

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Is hard work really the answer? How to work less, earn more, have a bigger impact and do magic in the process


With hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything in life! I bet you heard some variation of this motto during your life. Maybe it came from your father, your mother, your school teacher or a famous business vlogger. #grinding #hustling #suffering and so on. No pain, no gain. Is it?

Here’s a fact. You can see a lot of successful people who had major breakthroughs while young and with limited experience. Here’s an example: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley released her first book in 1818 She was 20. That book is called Frankenstein and it went on to be one of the most famous and well-written novels of all time. Disclaimer: I haven’t read the book or watched any movie on the theme.

Another example: I know people who are entrepreneurs for 20 or 30 years and they can barely make it. They work super hard, they are educated, up to date and focused. On another note, I have a friend who became an entrepreneur two years ago. Now he travels around the world, has a kick ass business and makes around $15.000 per month in profits. He works around 1 day per week, sometimes even less. He worked intensely in the first 6 – 9 months and that was enough for his business to take off.

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How to quit job and do what you love for a living


You don’t like what you do? But you do it anyway because you need to pay the bills? It turns out you’re not the only one. In USA alone, 52.3% of people are not happy with their jobs. And the number is growing.

I grew up in Eastern Europe, in Romania. If Americans are unhappy, wait to see us. I was 6 when the revolution hit the country. All my childhood and adolescence I lived in uncertainty.

To us, choosing a certain career it wasn’t about getting rich but surviving. At most, living a decent life. How can you pursue your passion in this environment?

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